Setting aside that this event benefits the Seaford Chamber of Commerce as well as supporting one of the premier shoulder season events in the region, you should come have a tour of the best beers on Delmarva this weekend. If you don’t trust me I’ve compiled a list. This is the internet. I know you totally trust lists. This event is 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday Sept. 15-17 at the Rommel Seaford Harley-Davidson.

There is SO much good beer

I stacked Lot 3, I stacked 60 Minute, Groove City, Shorebreak so many of the great traditional Delmarva beers. It’s weird, because it is so easy to forget how much good beer is made within a 50 mile radius of Seaford, Del.

There is so much special beer

There is an Oktoberfest beer from Blue Earl and Sussex County Mule from Revelation which you’re just not going to find around. We have Dogfish Head’s Punkin (which is getting rarer by the second) and SunDancer White IPA which is an astounding canned beer that you wanna get a taste of.

The prices are offensively low

This mostly is a promotion to get people to recognize how cool Seaford is and how awesome the Shore is, so we’re pouring 12 oz beers for $6 each or two for $10. There probably are few places with free music where you can get a bottle of Namaste and a Jacques au Lantern for $10. There are food trucks, vendors, and gear; you can spend the day and not buy a single motorcycle.

All of the brewers are sending people

Even though it is an all day event, between 1 and 4 p.m. each day, brewers and brewery reps will be there hyping their beers and their destinations. If you aren’t sure why you should go to one of the local breweries, come and ask them. They’ll tell you for sure. Also, many of them are having Bike Week specials that (again) apply to people who don’t ride in on motorcycles anyway.

You can get a motorcycle

Bike week has changed. One of the biggest changes is, if you want to buy a motorcycle during bike week you only can do it at the Rommel Harley-Davidson in Seaford. There are only a handful of people on the planet who haven’t considered owning a Harley. Even if you’re one of them, you can wander around and try to get a handle on why people want Harleys (the short answer is that they’re just cooler, but that’s fine).

You can win prizes

If you didn’t know, we have an app in the App store and on Google play. One of the many perks of the app is that if you check in to enough Shore Craft Beer events, you can get free tickets. So lets say you bring a friend to the event. You fork over $10, and have a beer and buy your friend one. You both check in, have a barbecue sandwich and listen to the band awhile. Maybe in October, you get an email out of the blue saying you’ve won two free passes to OCtoberfest at Sunset park. That’s a better than average outcome. Especially when you didn’t expect it.

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