They’re all Tall Tales beers, first of all, and they’ll all be available at Shore Craft Beer Fest: Love on Tap at Seacrets on FeBREWary 23rd.

Candy Kitchen was brewed in collaboration with Ocean City’s iconic candy shop, and is possibly the sweetest beer you’ll find on tap at the annual beer festival. It’s a double chocolate fudge oatmeal stout with an ABV of 7.7 – 8% and an IBU of 44. The stout will be released soon in bright pink and yellow cans — true to the cheery, sugary sweetness that the candy shop is known for — though Love on Tap might be your first chance to get a taste of the double chocolate fudge oatmeal stout (try saying that five times fast).

Together, Tall Tales and Candy Kitchen make the sweetest beer on the market

Tall Tales knows beer, and Candy Kitchen knows fudge.

Wildberry is a mixed-fermentation sour beer that’s one of five in Tall Tales’ famous Liquid Denial series.

“Back in medieval times, sorcerers and brewers were at war!! From love potions to tasty libations, who would brew up the latest concoction sours were the town’s favorite by far and led to 100 years of peace & harmony throughout the kingdom.” That’s the official description of the Liquid Denial, which heavily implies that the presence of Wildberry at Love on Tap, or anywhere else, will lead to peace and harmony throughout the kingdom, which in this case is Seacrets Jamaica USA. Wildberry has an ABV of 4.8% and an IBU of 18. The drinker may be endowed with the magical powers of sorcery and should cast a love spell on whoever crosses their path, in the spirit of Love on Tap.

A Wildberry flanked by a Red-Headed Stepchild and She’s a Brew House.

30 Days in the Hole, like Candy Kitchen, is a collaboration, this one between Tall Tales and Key Brewing in Dundalk, Md. It’s a moderate amber lager “with soft malt characteristics at the forefront that finishes well balanced,” as described by Tall Tales, with an ABV of 4.5% and an IBU of 25.

It’s also a song by Humble Pie.

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