Inside Salisbury’s New Beer Hangout: Burnish Beer Co.

Burnish Beer Co.

By Jennifer Sabini Evans From an abandoned church in Upper Fells Point to the Historic 1812 Barn in Cumberland, Maryland, craft breweries continue to spring up in abandoned spaces across the state. With their popularity still on the rise, craft breweries have turned industrial streets and forgotten parts of town into thriving neighborhoods, giving old […]

The Keymaster, not the Gatekeeper

Donnie Jackson offers a beer

Setting aside the cultural, epicurean and economic benefits the craft beer revolution might just herald a larger social good: the extinction of the dead-eyed bartender. Bartending always took an amount of skill, but it increasingly takes engagement. This is pretty true behind any normal bar, but behind the bar at a craft brewery, it is […]

The Word on Rubber Soul

This is Part one of a two-part story Eastern Shore Brewing in St. Michaels got a bad rap when it first opened nearly a decade ago because it had some inconsistency issues. Owner Ace Moritz solved that problem by going back to the drawing board, knocking off the fancy stuff and cranking out a couple of […]