Last Weekend of Summer: FUN is still 100

Let’s go out with a BANG! The last weekend of September and Summer is upon us. The Shore Craft Beer Community knows how to say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall! The breweries and restaurants on the shore have new flavors, events, and celebrations ready for you and your friends! Some events are happening tonight; […]

Trying new things at Evo

I’m trying to be more experimental with the foods I eat and the beers I drink whenever I go out. This is coming from someone who ordered chicken tenders every time she went out well into high school and who spent 2013-2017 (the college years) drinking Natty Boh exclusively. (Yes, I write for a craft […]

The Keymaster, not the Gatekeeper

Donnie Jackson offers a beer

Setting aside the cultural, epicurean and economic benefits the craft beer revolution might just herald a larger social good: the extinction of the dead-eyed bartender. Bartending always took an amount of skill, but it increasingly takes engagement. This is pretty true behind any normal bar, but behind the bar at a craft brewery, it is […]