Chincoteague’s Black Narrows Brewing Co. is as local as local gets

Black Narrows Brewing Co

“There’s always places that you keep coming back to because you feel connected to them,” said Black Narrows co-owner Jenna Chapman. “Chincoteague always called us home.” Jenna co-founded Black Narrows with her husband Josh Chapman, and her parents Wendy and Bob Huntley are the brewery owners. They’re not exactly ‘teaguers (for non-teaguers, that means native […]

Chincoteague: The Perfect Island for a Perfect Beer Festival

Last year was only our first Shore Craft Beer Fest: Chincoteague, but the day was just so perfect that we had to do it again. (And hopefully again and again and again until the end of time.) If you’ve ever been to a beer festival in mid-spring, you know that it’s the perfect time of […]

A look inside the first brewery on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

BL and I trekked out to Chincoteague as soon as we heard that Black Narrows Brewing Co. was finally open. We’d been anticipating it for awhile; after meeting owners Jenna and Josh Chapman and sampling some of their beers at MARSHFest over the summer, we were practically counting down the days til their brewery in […]

15 photos that show what MARSH Fest is all about

MARSH Fest was introduced to the world on Saturday, and while it might have been the premiere festival of its kind on Wallops Island, it went off without a hitch. Part of MARSH Fest’s success has to be due to the sheer variety of what the festival offers. Do you want to watch a guy […]

Gearing up for Chincoteague’s first MARSH Fest

On Sept. 23 from 12 – 6 p.m., Chincoteague and Wallops Island will host their first-ever festival for science, local culture and craft beer: MARSH Fest. What is MARSH Fest? What exactly the festival is all about is explained right there in its name: Music, Art, Research, Science and Hops (the MARSH) and Food, Exploring, Sponsors […]