Making Adjustments

When the pandemic hit and businesses closed, Evo needed to decide what was the best direction to go. With the closure of the restaurant, changes needed to be made to keep operations flowing. One of the instant changes made was going to carry out only. Keeping a carryout option available to guests kept business flowing and was able to provide guests with a great meal and drinks. With their change to carry out, Evo began preparing for alcohol to go. One of the biggest adjustments made to the brewery itself was providing guests the opportunity to order alcohol to go. With that change, the brewery immediately shifted its focus to packaging. With the shift in priority to the packaging of their beers, it allowed them to ship out more products and give its

A side by side of 2009 and the newly re-done patio

guests the carryout option.

During the closure, Evo needed to think of a way to prepare for the return of guests. In doing so, Evo has taken a lot of precautions to give everyone a fun and safe environment. One of the biggest steps taken was the installation of a brand-new patio area. Evo previously had some outdoor seating, but with the expansion, they were able to add several more picnic tables; all with enough distance between them to follow social distancing guidelines. The impressive new patio looks fantastic and will only continue to improve. Evo will soon be adding fire pits to add to the outdoor dining atmosphere. Along with the addition of the new outdoor area, guests can also expect an entirely new menu. With the new food options, Evo has also made several specials now a permanent option for guests.

Welcoming Guests Back

A problem all restaurants are facing is how can they keep healthy habits the main focus of re-opening. Evo has been taking all the necessary steps to make sure all guests feel as comfortable as possible to return. All employees are required to wear face masks to avoid the spreading of germs. Guests are not required to wear masks while at their table but may feel comfortable to do so as they make their way in. Guests also have the option to view the new menu on their phone, but should they want a physical copy, the laminated menus are disinfected after each use. To avoid unnecessary contact, Evo is trying to keep most doors open so guests don’t need to touch the handles.


Evo has gone to great lengths to make sure they are fully prepared for re-opening. When outdoor dining was announced, they had to shift into hyperdrive to get things ready in a short amount of time. In just 2 days Evo was prepared. I visited Evo over the past weekend for the first time. The outdoor patio section was spacious, and the hostesses made sure there was enough space between tables when seating guests. Every table outside was also given its own bottle of sanitizer. Both the new menu and the selection of beers had tons of variety. The service throughout the day was fantastic despite the crowds growing throughout the evening.


A Great Atmosphere

For the drinks, I tried the Delmarva Pure Pilsner and sampled the Stalker Hefeweizen. The Delmarva Pure had a great flavor and should be a go-to drink for those that aren’t looking for anything too strong. The beer is light and goes great with a hot summer day. The other beer, Stalker Hefeweizen, was an interesting taste. The flavor was stronger than the Delmarva Pure but is still on the lighter side. The banana in the beer may seem slightly off-putting to some, but its flavor mixed with cloves taste fantastic.

For food, my table tried first ordered the garlic parmesan wings. The wings came out in a reasonable time and were still a great temperature. The flavor of the garlic aioli on the crisp wings was fantastic. Frankly, they were some of the best wings I’ve had in quite a while. Since Evo is known for their pizza, we decided to try 2 of those as well. A standard cheese and a Cajun Taco Pizza. The cheese pizza was good: crisp, light, and flavorful. The Cajun Taco Pizza was very good. The spicy mayo may be a bit too spicy for some people, but the flavors mixed with the other taco ingredients blended together perfectly.

Evolution Brewing is a fantastic restaurant and taproom that any fan of beer or good food should go to. Their outdoor seating area and focus on the atmosphere provides for an amazing experience for everyone. If you would like to check them out for yourself, they are located at; 201 E Vine St. Salisbury, MD 21804. They are open Monday through Sunday: opening at 12:00 p.m. and have last seating at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. on weekends.

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