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From planned new releases to event announcements to just plain old fun stuff, each week we bring you the social posts that caught our eyes or that we think may not have caught yours. As always if you see something cool going on from a local brewery, feel free to share or tag us on our Facebook page and maybe we can elaborate on our weekly Shore Craft Beer news updates.
This week’s highlights include big announcements from several local breweries about a collaborative brew, a major festival in Ocean City as well as a kind of “choose your own adventure” event. Finally, across the Bay, the first exporting brewery, Chesapeake, is having a Sunday event you totally want to catch!
Although it is a Delaware beer, remember that the region is called Delmarva for a reason.
In this week’s State of the Beer, Tony Russo spoke with Patrick Brady, one of the owners of Fin City, about their new releases and the brewery’s program of making beers that just are for local distribution.

Shore Craft Beer news for the week


It’s American Craft Beer Week!

There’s so much going on at so many breweries this week, it might be hard to keep track, but stay tuned to our Facebook feed and we’ll do what we can to keep you updated.

Meanwhile, over at Evo

Fun Runs are a big part of what they do over at 3rd Wave. Not a critical one, but an add-on event that keeps people excited and feeling as if they’re a part of the culture. Which, probably, they are.



For those of you who thought the bottle fairy was the one who got craft beer bottled and shipped, here’s the skinny.