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What do North Carolina, Idaho, and Maine have in common?  All three states have chosen to market April as their craft beer month.   This week on Beer Notes, we are discussing state’s that have craft beer months and encourage beercations.

In late 2014, Shore Craft Beer along with Maryland’s Tourism Department, and the Brewers Association of Maryland identified the importance of craft beer to our state’s economy and to tourism by designating FeBREWary as Craft Beer Month.

Most states with months dedicated to local craft beer and to the breweries and businesses that promote it have chosen months with traditionally low tourism. Beercations lend themselves well to shoulder and off-season travel because hotel rates are low, crowds are light and breweries are open for business.

Beer goes well with travel any time of the year, and when more than half of all travelers would like to visit a brewery while traveling, the states that cater to these travelers will benefit most.

Oregon and Virginia bucked the off-season trend by designating their craft beer months as July and August, respectively.

What can you expect when you travel to a state during their craft beer month? Lots of craft beer-centric food, trails, vacation packages and even spa treatments, not to mention unique festivals.

So, if you are ready to experience a beercation and want a special focus on the craft beers made in the region you want to visit, look online for special content and activities related to craft beer months in each state.  Download the apps in each state or locale to get the best deals and even win prizes just for drinking beer. Happy traveling! For Beer Notes, this is Ann McGinnis Hillyer.

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