We all have our favorite breweries, and want to spread the word about them. One of the common complaints about going to festivals is too often the volunteers don’t know anything about the beer or the breweries. Here on the Shore, we are fortunate that most of the breweries can send representatives to most of the events. Moreover, some of them would rather not participate if they can’t send someone who is knowledgable. We’ve established the Shore Craft Beer Expert initiative to help combat this problem. Shore Craft Beer Experts get to know one (or more) of our local breweries well enough to talk about them intelligently. If a brewer is stretched too thin for an event, or if they need a little extra support, there is someone available who is willing and capable of helping out.

Shore Craft Beer Experts spend the extra time and effort to visit the breweries and learn about their mainline beers. If they are participating in an event, they’re brought up to speed on the beers being served. It’s a way to spread knowledge and show local pride even as multiple commitments stretch brewers thin.

If this sounds like a program you’re interested in, reach out to us and we’ll get you in touch with the brewery or breweries of your choice. In addition to beer geek cred, you get admission to the events and invitations to all of the Shore Craft Beer tastings and industry events.

Drink what you like and be happy,

The Shore Craft Beer Team