Think the Shore Drink the Shore: Burley Oak

This week’s host: Burley Oak Brewing Co. – June 2 at 5pm

Burley Oak Brewing Company utilizes sustainable practices with local materials and craftsmen. The Berlin, Maryland brewery hopes you join them in their taproom for their virtual happy hour. They will discuss the craft beer they produce and new and traditional brewing methods.

Don’t forget to have your craft beer and Shore Craft Beer App open when this great show starts! Prizes will be given out for viewers and app users.

Not Familiar with Think the Shore Drink the Shore…

LIVE Craft Beer Happy Hour Show on Tuesdays at 5 pm on Social Media

Learning about a beer is one of the top reasons people go to breweries and craft beer festivals.  In today’s environment, we can’t go to the brewery or festival to hang out, but we can continue to enjoy our local craft beers and learn about the beers from the owners, brewers, or establishments that serve or love craft beer just as much as you while remaining at home. 

When the opportunity presents itself; we encourage you to visit our sponsors and enjoy their hospitality in person, and let them know how much you enjoyed their show on Shore Craft Beer.

About the Live SHOW

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Everyone that tunes in to Shore Craft Beer’s Facebook and Instagram page can attend. Your ticket to get in is as easy as logging in to your social media account. Make sure to check out Shore Craft Beer’s pages and find the EVENTS. Mark yourself going to receive further notices.

 Drinking Game Anyone?

Think the Shore, Drink the Shore Challenge

Viewers of Think the Shore, Drink the Shore can take one of many Shore Craft Beer App Challenges. Think the Shore, Drink the Shore Challenge asks participants to check in six times to win and a brewery will send you a prize. 

How to Play:

Check into these new Think the Shore, Drink the Shore Happy Hours or participating breweries, bars, restaurants, hotels, or businesses by posting:

Prizes will be awarded to everybody that completes six check-ins.  A different business sponsors the prizes each month.  Full details are available on the App.  

Shore Craft Beer was awarded a grant from the Rural Maryland Council to produce the Shore Craft Beer App. The App was rolled out during the Shore Craft Beer Festival: Love on Tap in February 2020.   The updated version enables users to take advantage of new ways to check in and participate.  It celebrates a new season on the Shore and helps as a marketing and information platform. Push notifications can be sent about upcoming events, keg taps, festival activities, and more in real time ensuring our region leads the industry and becomes top in craft beer sales!

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