, March 11, 2015, by Anthony Towey

“The brewing industry thrives on passion and needs passionate people at all levels” –Sam Gibson

A few members of the limited eVo Menagerie and Migration SeriesYou certainly appreciate the passion it takes to craft your favorite brews, but have you considered who makes all those quirky labels that make them stand out on the shelf? Sam Gibson is one of those people and he’s been on a quest to combine his passions of graphic design and craft beer since falling in love with both. And now he’s creating brilliant artwork for one of the mid-Atlantic region’s most recognizable breweries…

First catching the creative bug while attending Loyola High School, Sam relied heavily on art for self-expression. He forged close relationships with his art teachers and developed a knack for photography before heading off to college at Salisbury University, which he attended primarily because of its proximity to the laid back lifestyle and surfing opportunities in the nearby beach town of Ocean City, Maryland. 

Sam always wanted a job where he could be creative, but needed another option for his professional path after discovering photography wasn’t going to pay the bills 

Enter Absolut Vodka. 

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