The only thing that I like less than bad cliches is when they’re turned into bad puns. This week, however, we’re going to roll that disposition back and accept that the people who are touching the beer know mostly what they’re doing.

Why you should homebrew

You really ought to come to a class. There’s one at Xtreme Brewing this weekend. As with any other cool hobby, once you get into it you’re hooked in the best of ways. Here’s a little tongue-in-cheek story followed by an awesome recipe:

Worth the effort?

I don’t know if this is going to be a weekly section, but this is the second week in a row we’ve done it. Some people make this. Doug will tell you whether or not to expend the energy.

Foraging for ingredients

Now this is what I call a fall beer. Maybe we’ll have dandelion beer this spring…

Breaking: A Reality TV Star said something ill-informed

Because I’m loud, people sometimes ask me about beer in the news. This is a very brief (for me) answer to the latest Craft Beer Blowup…


Can you smell dirty lines? This dude says he can

I’ve had beer from dirty lines before.

Pumpkin season begins in earnest

Even though Hallow’een has come and gone, now is really the proper season for pumpkin beers. After all, if they were harvested recently, they’d be ready to go in another few days. Even though this isn’t the case for most brewers, it feels a little more right to look at this list of pumpkin beers. To be honest and fair, I’m not crazy about lists, but I’m also not the president of the internet, so lists are going to have to be a part of life. Also, Dogfish and Evo (two of our local beers) got a nice shout out in the article.
You have to love any list where two beers from Delmarva are in the top 86.

Making beer is really a good way to earn a living

We’re actually starting to import craft beer. Weaker economies are starting to figure out that if you make your own beer it tastes better and has a way higher profit margin than if you get it from some conglomerate.

Setting aside what the tee vee says, let’s talk soup pairings

Recipe of the week

Tony Russo
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