Proceeds benefit the Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC)

Sunfest is taking a new direction this year – free music with a quadrupled music budget, kids events, pet events, and for the first time ever, a real Oktoberfest style beer garden.  Gone are the days of Bud Light and Miller Light being the dominant options.  Those popular brands will still be available, but for the first time an all craft beer garden is being installed near the ocean stage.  Shore Craft Beer is partnering with the Ocean City Development Corporation to bring local craft beer in a real beer garden to the festival grounds during Sunfest.  They brought in Burley Oak as a partner to serve the beer.

Berlin, MD – Shore Craft Beer and Burley Oak Brewing Company have partnered with the Ocean City
Development Corporation and the Town of Ocean City to bring an Oktoberfest style beer garden to the
47th annual Sunfest. With Sunfest’s many changes envisioned by Frank Miller, the Special Events
Director for the Town of Ocean City, the third weekend in October is bringing 4 days of live music,
vendors, food, activities, and now, local craft beer by Burley Oak, to the Ocean City Inlet, October 20 –
23, 2022.

In the past, Miller Light and Bud Light were heavily represented during Sunfest, the unoffical end to
Ocean City’s summer season. This year, old will mix with new. Attendees will still be able to get these
popular beers, but they will also be able to head to the Shore Craft Beer Garden where Burley Oak will
be pouring 6 different beers. Attendees will enter the garden through a well-marked archway to find a
casual beer garden within the Sunfest Grounds where they can find a seat, relax, and enjoy the music on
the Ocean stage.

6 Beers by Burley Oak Brewing Available by the Pint

Visitors can cozy up to the crate bars in the Shore Craft Beer tent where Burley Oak will be pouring the
OCtoberfest beer, an ale, Billsner, two IPAs, and a sour. Hang out on the leather couches or move
outside to get closer to the FREE music playing on the Ocean Stage while drinking your local craft beer
seated at picnic tables or on one of the many chairs available to you. As day turns to night, you will
enjoy the cool bulb lighting over the seating areas that the Shore Craft Beer Garden provides.

You can buy a stainless steel commemorative pint for only $15 – and your first pint is included!

The Shore Craft Beer Garden is the ONLY location during Sunfest where visitors can get local craft beer.
Litter Free OC is the name of the game at the Shore Craft Beer Garden this year. Stainless Steel pints
will be available for sale for $15 and purchasers will get one free pour of any of the Burley Oak beers on
tap. They can refill their reusable pint sponsored by Litter Free OC and Worcester County for the
normal pint fee of $7, after their free pour, of course. If visitors don’t choose to purchase the stainless
steel commemorative pint, Burley Oak will serve their beers in biodegradable plastic cups. Tickets for
the craft beer and the stainless steel commemorative pints will be for sale inside the Shore Craft Beer
tent. All proceeds from the sale of Burley Oak beer at the Shore Craft Beer Garden will benefit the
Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC).

2022 is the 47th year for Sunfest and will usher in some changes that bode well for the event moving
into the future. Shore Craft Beer, OCDC, and Burley Oak are proud to be a part of the changes that will
attract new visitors to Ocean City and continue Shore Craft Beer’s focus on making the Shore a top craft
beer destination.

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Shore Craft Beer
● Contact: Ann Hillyer

Burley Oak Brewing Company
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Ann McGinnis Hillyer
Author: Ann McGinnis Hillyer

Ann's father was in the Corps of Engineers so she was born in Africa and moved all over the world and the United States growing up. After graduating cum laude from Duke University, she started her marketing career at an airline based out of Dulles International Airport. She furthered this career in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds before helping launch StateVentures, LLC, the publisher of,, and other state and regional geodomains. Here, she focuses on tourism and tourism marketing through a broad media mix including online, print, and social media efforts. While at the airline, she worked with Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Company, brewers of Sam Adams beer. This love of craft beer and the craft beer industry as well as her interest in tourism, led to the founding of and the effort to make the Shore a craft beer destination.

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