, May 20, 2015, by Anthony Towey

3rd waveWhat do surfing, pizza making, science degrees, and brewing beer have in common? Not much. But 3rd Wave Brewing Company, Delmarva’s first and only all-woman owned brewery may not be here without all three.

Like many of us who grow up on the Delmarva Peninsula, Lori Clough and Suellen Vickers once had summer jobs in the coastal resort town of Ocean City, Maryland. Back when Lori was managing the same pizza joint where Suellen was flipping pies, they had no idea they were embarking on a lifelong friendship that would take them from surfing pals, to drinking buddies, to brewery owners.

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Anthony Towey
Author: Anthony Towey

Anthony Towey spent over a decade working nearly every position in the bar and restaurant business before being hired as Content Editor and Social Media Manager for StateVentures- publisher of and His combination of writing expertise, marketing savvy, and service industry experience puts him in a unique position to be able to help the local breweries like few else can. He is also the Delmarva Correspondent for and an avid supporter of drinking local.

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