We’re rolling toward the end of FeBREWary so I pretty much can stop pretending it is harder to say than the normal way. Also, I’ve used more CAPS this month than I care to think about. This week I got out for Valentine’s Day twice and had some OK beer along the way. I say OK because I’ve gotten to the point where I’m a little disappointed when a bar doesn’t have much of a local selection on tap.
Quick plug: This weekend there will be a mead talk at Extreme Brewing and we’ll probably film it and put cool music under it. But in case I don’t or can’t, you should swing by. It’s 2-4(ish) p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18 at the Laurel shop.

I Love this beer

I’ve been doing more and more videos recently and some of them have been not too bad. This series was for the FeBREWary Shore Craft Beer month promotion. We got people to tell us which beers they loved, and I videotaped it. If you want to do your own and send it along, I’d be happy to add the music under it.

I Love This Beer!

We’ve been poking around breweries and bars all over the Shore to talk to people who go directly to the source for their favorite beer, we collect the videos and post them to our SCB YouTube page (where we also put other stuff). We can’t be everywhere, though.

OK, let’s talk cider trends

It looks as if cider is happening in a bigger way than one might have expected, add mead and we’re looking at a real growing interest in fermentables.

Five cider statistic takeaways from CiderCon 2017

It might not have been marked on your calendar, but last week in Chicago, thousands of cidermakers descended on a hotel there for the United States Association of Cider Makers’ (USACM) annual convention. It’s a valuable chance to taste cider, learn about trends and better understand the state of the industry.

Speaking of trends…

First of all, drink what you like and be happy. Second of all, to we really need a triple IPA boom? It also is amusing to me that beer festivals all over the country have a hard time putting lists of beers together.

San Francisco Beer Week 2017 Opening Gala Recap * thefullpint.com

Early February might mark the end of the football season, but in Northern California, it also signals the start of San Francisco Beer Week (SFBW). Since evolving into a full-on beer festival, the Friday evening Opening Gala event has become one of the most sought after tickets of the week-long (well, really 10 day-long) celebration …

We all know how much Doug gets a kick outta glasses

Not much to see or say here, except that these are kooky enough to make me want one. Wanna mix or float beers? How about a Black and Tan that doesn’t require mixing?

We’re obsessed: The Pretentious Beer Glass Co. glasses

Ditch your cheap pint-night glasses and resolve to drink better this year: This handsome set of handmade vessels from The Pretentious Beer Glass Company is about more than just novelty design.


Even though sours are very popular, infected beer is not always a plus.

Finding the Source of Infected Beer | CB&B Video Tip of the Week

Brewers are made up of two kinds: those who have had an infected batch, and those who haven’t-yet. If you find that one of your batches has been contaminated, sometimes you can wait it out and see what happens and the infection will clear. But sometimes you just have to throw it out and move on.

Recipe of the week

If I were a food historian, I’d look to find out when hush puppies went from being a by-product to being an actual dish.

ESB Hush Puppies Recipe

Don’t toss these hush puppies to dogs to quell their barking! The beer isn’t good for them, and these ESB-spiked morsels are certainly too tasty to waste!

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