Small and independent American craft brewers are recognized as leaders in innovation and quality in what has become a global craft beer revolution.  So begins an article on the Brewers Association website.* This week on Beer Notes, we will discuss the US exportation of craft beer.

The Brewers Association has an Export Development Program funded by the US Department of Agriculture.  The program helps quality production breweries identify opportunities for media promotion and expansion into international markets.  The program has increased 1400% since then., the total value of American craft beer exports  is well over 100 million dollars.**

Canada is the #1 importer of American craft beer, accounting for 51.3% of America’s total exports.  The United Kingdom imports 10.5% of the US exports and China imports 2.5%.  China, however, is the next frontier for craft beer.  Beer dominates the alcohol industry in China with a total value of over 108 billion in 2019, yet craft beer only represents 1% of the sales.***  In the US, craft sales account for approximately 20% of overall beer sales. 

Many businesses are working to help American craft breweries export their beer into China because High quality craft beers are a symbol of prestige and sophisticated taste to the middle class in this country.  And demand for American craft beer is growing. 

For American craft brewers, exports can be an economic bright spot in today’s beer world.




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