The Covid-19 Crisis is having a tragic impact on local craft breweries.  Today on Beer Notes, we are going to explore this impact and ways that we, as consumers, can help.

The Brewers Association surveyed members and released the disturbing results on April 7th.

According to the study, the average drop in onsite sales was 65%.  While Packaged distribution was up 7.9%, the overall loss in total craft beer sales is a whopping 29% and for those breweries not able to package their beer, the numbers are much worse.  59.9% of breweries say they will not make it three months with current costs, revenues, and the current level of state and federal aid.

The Brewers Association will be working hard politically to find the best path forward. They are a  powerful friend, but as we have learned throughout this crisis, any friend is worth their weight in gold.

If we act quickly and consistently, we can all have an impact on our favorite local breweries.  It may not be enough, but at least we can all say we tried — and had fun doing it.  So, I urge each and every one of you to support your local craft brewery starting today and continuing every day of this crisis.    Buy local beer to go. Plan craft beer tasting happy hours on Zoom.  Promote your favorite beers and breweries on social media.  Encourage your craft beer loving friends to join in the fun. Benjamin Franklin said a small leak can sink a great ship, but for our local breweries, a small effort by a lot of craft beer lovers could float a local industry.

Jessica Bauer
Author: Jessica Bauer

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