As you may or may not have noticed from our ongoing series celebrating specially made FeBREWary/Love on Tap beers, craft brews made specifically for this ~month of love~ are popular on the Shore. They’re also big hits at Shore Craft Beer Fest: Love on Tap at Seacrets, when festivalgoers get to try that one special beer that they won’t find at any other time of year. It’s Craft Beer Lovers Month, sooo… What better time of year to fall in love with a new local beer?

Even with their limited off-season hours, Backshore Brewing Company (your favorite beachside/Ocean City Boardwalk/hip-place-with-the-VW-bus brewery) brews up TWO special beers during the month of February, both of which will be on tap at the festival on Feb. 23.

This year those special beers are Amour de la Biere (light and fruity) and Sofa King Sexy (dark and fruity), and who better to talk about those beers than the men who make them, Nathan Todd and Matt Shockley.

Additionally, Sofa King is currently available at the brewery on nitro. Here’s a brief description of the two:

Sofa King Sexy is a milk stout made with dark chocolate cocoa, then aged on cacao nibs and locally farmed strawberries. “When you’re getting frisky by the fireplace this Valentine’s Day, Hail to the Sofa King Baby!” Sofa King has an ABV of 5.7% and an IBU of 34.

Amour de la Biere is a Belgian Saison honey wheat ale infused with strawberries from the same farm used in the Sofa King. It boasts tropical fruity notes and a smooth body. Amour de la Biere was first brewed specifically for the Love on Tap festival of 2017.

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