Let Evo’s BrutAle DriPA and Stalker Hefeweizen be your valentines this year

Evo love on tap

We’re back today with more beer profiles, and yes, that’s a triple entendre: Here we’re describing the local craft beer’s flavor profiles, while also profiling who they are and what they’re all about and displaying a little dating profile of sorts to match you with your dream beer this Valentine’s Day. We already presented 3rd […]

Trying new things at Evo

I’m trying to be more experimental with the foods I eat and the beers I drink whenever I go out. This is coming from someone who ordered chicken tenders every time she went out well into high school and who spent 2013-2017 (the college years) drinking Natty Boh exclusively. (Yes, I write for a craft […]

You say pineapple, Evo says Pinehople

pineapple beer

If you’re subscribed to this, you know Pinehople is out. We spoke about it on the Beer with Strangers podcast and it is getting more than a little traction around the Internet. But if this is the first you’re hearing of it, let me bring you up to speed: Pinehople is the newest release from […]

Evo Crystal Row American Strong Ale with Gouda

pouring beer fast

This is a continuation of a blog about the Shore Craft Beer Talk and Tasting held at the Clarion Fountainebleu in early 2016. I so was looking forward to trying Crystal Row, which I head Evo has been tinkering with since they were in Delmar (which is where I live, but I’m still a good […]

Recipe for a Civilized Lunch: Grab a Friend, add a Beer

Civilized lunch

Perhaps it is my Italian heritage in combination with my travels. Or perhaps, and this is just as possible, I simply like to drink but regardless of the reason, I think there is something very civilized about having a beer with lunch. I have been thinking about quick lunch dates and why they’re so quick. […]

Today Maryland, tomorrow… Microbrew Monday

eastern shore brewering

Lots of big happenings on the Shore this week and into the future. Shore Craft Beer continues to have success in all corners of the state as well as throughout the region. Here are some of the highlights. Comptrollers cup Lot 6 always has been among Evolution Craft Brewery’s more popular beers. It is objectively […]

The Keymaster, not the Gatekeeper

Donnie Jackson offers a beer

Setting aside the cultural, epicurean and economic benefits the craft beer revolution might just herald a larger social good: the extinction of the dead-eyed bartender. Bartending always took an amount of skill, but it increasingly takes engagement. This is pretty true behind any normal bar, but behind the bar at a craft brewery, it is […]

The Evolution of a craft beer artist

AmericanCraftBeer.com, March 11, 2015, by Anthony Towey “The brewing industry thrives on passion and needs passionate people at all levels” –Sam Gibson You certainly appreciate the passion it takes to craft your favorite brews, but have you considered who makes all those quirky labels that make them stand out on the shelf? Sam Gibson is […]

Perfect Pairing: Evolution’s charcuterie and cheeses compliment craft brews

OceanCity.com, September 2, 2014 by Anthony Towey Since the dawn of existence, humans have relied on curing, smoking, and drying meats and other foods as ways to preserve them. For much of human history, these techniques were integral to man’s ability to survive lengthy travels, long winters, and other times where sustenance supplies were sparse. […]