Beer Notes: A Very Short History of the Brut IPA

This script is from the second season of Beer Notes, which you can listen to at One of the latest trends in the world of craft beer is sweeping across Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, as well as the rest of the country. This week on Beer Notes, we’re looking at the birth of the Brut […]

Why you should be learning to brew

learning to brew

This weekend at Xtreme Brewing in Laurel, Del. there is a learning to brew class. It is free and includes samples of some of the beers you can make. You should go. If you’re still not convinced, let me take you through it. If you’re already convinced, the class is 2 p.m Saturday, March 12. It […]

ABV and IBU Explained

As you’re looking over the options listed on menu on the tasting room chalkboard, you will encounter the abbreviations of ABV and IBU followed by numbers accompanying each beer selection.  This information helps explain beer in greater detail and helps you understand what you are about to drink before you drink it.  While centuries of […]

Craft Beer Style Guide

With so many styles of beer to chose from, knowing which one is perfect for you can be a confusing, if not daunting, task, especially if your usual beer preference is Bud Light.  As Ocean City, Maryland continues to become one of the premier craft beer destinations on the East Coast, it is important that […]

Craft Beer Terms Defined

Exploring the world of craft beer is an exciting adventure, but it can get confusing, especially when bartenders and your beer geek friends start throwing around unfamiliar terms in casual conversation. Here are the most important craft beer terms defined: ABV: Alcohol By Volume; indicates the amount of alcohol in beer. Adjuncts: Un-malted grains or sugars that […]

What is craft beer?

The term ‘craft beer’ refers specifically to brews made by small, independent brewers, using fine local ingredients. Being made in a small brewery is vital, but the most defining characteristic of craft beer is innovation. Brewing in small batches gives microbreweries leeway to experiment with new techniques, flavor profiles, and styles- luxuries larger breweries don’t […]